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Σχετικά με εμάς

Vtime προσφέρουν one-stop OEM & ODM υπηρεσία τα πάντα για ρολόγια χειρός and related accessories.

You only need to tell us your idea, then we will finish all the rest works till the watch arriving on your hand.

Our professional design team will offer complete watch rendering for you to confirm out looking and specifications.

The unique perfect wrist watches will be created by Vtime for you, based on our over 15 year rich experience in watch industry. Our production team is very skilled in manufacturing various wrist watches, including Automatic watches, quartz watches, digital watches, smart watches.

For any inquiry, welcome to contact us.


Η διαχρονική αξία μιας μάρκας δεν είναι «Νέα».
Τα πάντα γράψει γι 'αυτό, είναι!


Φωτίζεται από την υψηλή αισθητική και την κομψότητα των πιο γνωστές μάρκες πολυτελείας

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